Mittwoch, 1. August 2018


word kicked me near the highway. it sounds loud. i remember longview grace hill crape myrtle bushes very tall and coulerfull red. i lay the stone under a beautiful tall tree. like an egg. in the nest. the headstone wasnt found. i look for fahthers name three times that day. it was hot. yesterday arrived. long fly to dallas. rent a car. it jumped up under my feets. i couldnt ride it. an i try and try. i had forgot only one feet for driving. we arrived longview late in the darkness. i fall on my bed and feel bad. wet towl on my head and wash me up. i feel better and sleep. i saw a hairy shoe tonight and very thin legs it s a climbing insect very slowly dark violett and green like may. forgetten. its difficult to find words for that imaginantion, more than pictures is it, it flow away in a moment, not to catch, first i lost these picture and now i cant imagination these word. under the door a strong strike of sunlight, a shadow between. like a person that stand before and want to hear very quiet all that. i know when i open i can see what it is. i doesnt need it. i am sure there is the sealing and behind crossover the place in the heat the sun is high. i will go. i am not sad. i try to feel sadness. no black dress also. its more like a hunt. no not a hunt. i cannt remeber realy what happend with me. i want to do it wright. never i run. so i go slowly cross the street at the corner after waiting for green light. green light are hanging high over the street. i wait and then i make a few steps faster. calm down boy. there is no entry. back to the street and along until i get an open way to come in. the singing bird is sitting on the headstone.  

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